Invitation letter for celebrity guest

Invitation letters are written in various settings on formal and informal occasions. Such letters can be for a wedding, business meeting, graduation ceremony, engagement, or other events. It is written when one wants to invite guests to a particular event or occasion. This letter is written by an individual or organization that is hosting an event or occasion.

An invitation letter is addressed to a guest person or organization. The purpose of invitation letters is to reserve positions for the guests prior to the date the occasion is scheduled. Most occasions have a specific purpose and target group, invitation letters enable this objective to be achieved. It is also a document to formally invite a person to an event. With such letters, hosts can also estimate the number of guests they intend to have on their occasion to help them make the necessary arrangements.

Has someone asked you to prepare invitation letters for their guests but no idea where you should start? Check out the free invitation letter template and sample letters for reference. It is a moment of celebration for me and my family and I wish to invite you to share this joyful moment with us.

Kindly receive this as my invitation to you and your family. I have made table reservations for you and your family.

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The dress code is black and silver party formals. I look forward to your confirmation of this invitation. Your presence will crown this ceremony.

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Please come and celebrate my academic success with me. I, Mrs.

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Please take this as my personal invitation to you and your family. I and my family would definitely be glad to see you all there at the function so do come. Due to some inconvenience, I could not invite you personally to the function. Hence, I am writing this letter to you. Also, please join us for dinner after the function. Would be awaiting you all at the function till then stay fine. When you want someone to attend an event you are hosting, it is a good gesture to send an invitation.

Have a look at the invitation letter sample that you can use to invite guests to your occasion. It is with great sorrow that I write this letter to inform you of the passing of my father after a fatal accident that took place on 12 th January Sample Invitation letter for annual conference, sales conference, annual meeting, annual event and annual programs. The theme of exhibition is to bring up green revolution among people.

To show the benefits of eco-friendly environment and awareness among students. Exhibition includes projects made by various college and university students. The major part after Science models is poster competition.

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The theme for poster competition is Mother Nature. I being the supervisor of the event want to cordially invite the whole team of WWF to come and join hands with us to make this event more worthy.

invitation letter for celebrity guest

It would be an honor for us, if your team members come forth and participate as well. If you wish some place for your stall placing, that will be provided to you. We will be glad to see you there. Subject: Invitation Letter for Annual Conference.

Offering delegates the chance to debate pressing global issues, challenging students to take on new perspectives, and building strong new friendships that span across the globe; SICASMUN prepares its delegates to become the world leaders of tomorrow. The event will not only incorporate extensive discussions, but will also consist of additional workshops, guest speaker sessions and scintillating social events, that will help our future leaders to develop networks and transform their ideas into actions.

Registration for the event has been divided into two phases. Phase II consists of payment of delegate and delegations fees, after which registration will be deemed complete. This phase will end on the 10th of February, However, it is encouraged that institutions register in time and well before the deadline to avoid any inconvenience. For queries regarding registration and security concerns, feel free to email us.

Further details are available on our Facebook page facebook. We look forward to an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable conference, and we hope you do too. Sincerely yours. Sample invitation acceptance letter as chief guest, guest of honor or as individual participant. Referring your letter of invitation for Product Launching Ceremony.

We are grateful for endorsing our programme to visit your Product Launching Ceremony. We would like to send our staff members, Mrs. Javeria for further training. It is an honor for me to attend the ceremony as per the program schedule attached to your invitation letter. I will assure my presence. It is a great pleasure to accept your invitation on your prize distribution ceremony. I have always respected your efforts to enhance the skills and development of students.

It will be an honor for me as well to hand over the prizes and certificates to qualifying students. Sample Invitation Card and Sample program schedule for certificate distribution ceremony of school, college, university, company or office.

I am very happy to inform you that my son is going to be married on Sunday i. This is a delightful event for our family and I humbly invite you to join us at this auspicious occasion to wish the newlywed couple best of luck and to share our happiness. We will be anxiously waiting for your arrival and your presence will surely increase our joy. The program is scheduled as follows:.

Category: Invitation Letters

Arrival of the Chief Guest in Auditorium ——————— am.Invitation letters are generally written to notify and invite the guests for ant particular ceremony or event. For example, suppose an art exhibition is going to be held, and the invitation letter would serve the purpose of inviting the art lovers to the exhibition. All the necessary details about the event must be mentioned in the invitation letter.

In the case of the art exhibition, it is the responsibility of the art gallery to distribute the invitation letters to the guests. Invitation letters are written to invite people to party, conference, event, sale, or for the business meeting.

If you are looking for the samples of invitation letters, then refer to the following tips and our letter samples to get started. Your presence will sure;y make the event even more special. This letter is to inform you that ABC art gallery is holding an art exhibition of all the best works of the famous and reputed artists. The arts will be from the period of Renaissance, and some modern artworks will also be present in the exhibition.

The exhibition will be held for def days and it would be a great pleasure if you get your precious visit to our art exhibition. A decorative Invitation Letter always looks more appealing than the regular official type letter.

But careful use of colors needs to be done for it even to look presentable. One can be creative while making out the Invitation Letter.

For example, a more decorative font or a different shape of the invite may also be used. We hope to have helped you create an effective invitation leave letter with the tips and samples mentioned above. You must be logged in to post a comment. Letters Privacy Policy Contact Us. Firstly the letter must be properly addressed to the guest, and the language must be polite enough while inviting the guest.

Invitation Letters for USA Visiting Visas

All the details, such as the date, time, and venue of the event must be mentioned in the invitation letter. The letter must clearly state whether the event would be a formal or informal letter. The letter must be closed with proper thanks form the host. Invitation Letter Template. Use our free Invitation Letter to help you get started. Download the. If you need additional help or more examples, check out some of the sample letters below. Thanking You, Yours truly Name and Signature.

We hope you can join us in our celebration and make it even more special for us. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.If any organization of institution have to arrange any particular ceremony or function and have to invite Chief Guest, for this purpose an official letter is to be send.

Letter should contain the purpose of invitation long with all the necessary details of timings and venue. This day is celebrated every year on 5th January in our school and students from every branch participate in it.

12 Tricks to Attract Celebrity Guests to Your Event

We make this day special and aware the students and other members of society by pin pointing the importance of sports in our life. The excitement of students is also on peak, as they have come to know that we are going to invite Mr. Stephen James as Chief Guest on this bright and promising day. Everyone knows that you are a person full of v alor and enthusiasm. What you can brief the audience, no one else can. We request for you kind presence on 5th January, at 9 am in British Sports Complex.

It would be a sort of pleasure for us, for students and for tutors as well. We are aware that you may have other priorities but taking out some hours from your precious time would be more than enough.

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All the necessary details about the program are attached with the letter. Our purpose is to broaden and to en-light the concept of sports among children and the upcoming youth. We have also invited other worthy personalities and your presence as Chief Guest would make it distinguished and admirable. We hope that you will definitely give us some time. We are seeking for your kind presence. With utmost regard and estimation, it is stated that Dramatic Society of this prestigious university invites you to our mega event as a Chief Guest.

We are having a very huge event in which different plays and speeches are conducted. Our main focus is to talk about mental health and eradicate this disease from the roots. We would love to have you as our chief guest in an event.

As huge amount of audience is already very familiar with you and with your impressive work and would be thrilled to see you as a part of this mega event. Thanking you in anticipation. This year we promise a string of eventful and engaging days, with compelling debates and enchanting socials and Social Responsibility Program and would be honored to host you for our memorable event Social Responsibility Program on 27th of January.

Here at FORMUN, we take great pride in catering to our guests needs and we hold this momentous responsibility with the greatest of care. Our litany of programs are testament to our determination to provide a wholesome and remarkable experience for you. Your attendance would only add grandeur to the event. Awaiting your arrival.Therefore, we think you can be our face of our new restaurant.

invitation letter for celebrity guest

Sunshine restaurant has been in the business for a couple of years and has gained immense popularity among gourmands. We have been featured in the popular Lifestyle guide as one the best restaurants in NCR for serving the best Thai food. Sunshine Restaurants has a chain of 15 restaurants in India and by the end of the next year there are plans to open a chain of 30 restaurants pan India. The latest restaurant to be inaugurated in Delhi is a step in this endeavour. So we would like you to endorse our brand.

Please note that you have to be present at the event and provide a quote for News Release. The media will be present at the event and you have to address the press conference which will be held in the hotel. You will be provided detailed information regarding the talking points.

The fee details will be taken care of our Marketing Manager Mr. Though we are in the field for less than a decade, we definitely understand the role of professional endorsement by any individual celebrity or firm of substantial repute.

More and more business houses, now entirely go for outright professional endorsement of their products, preferably by hot and well sought-after celebrities from films, media, sports etc. From our professional feedbacks, we also understand that you have access to some of the highly marketable celebrities across various fields. Look forward to your early and positive compliance. We request your honorable presence in gracing our company's event on 30th March We would be most honored if you can be our event's chief guests and present a short speech in conjunction to the event, as you are one of the leading personalities of our country and would be great source of inspiration.

The event is to be held at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Enclosed is the tentative schedule of the event. We request you to spare some time and please join us in the support of such an important cause. The highlight of the program will be a fashion show by Anita Khanna the famous designer from Kolkata. Your presence will at immense value to our event. Please confirm your presence by 20th March We look forward to your positive confirmation of our invitation to this special event.

Please do not hesitate to call on us for any clarifications. Related Content Sample letter to endorse or nominate a candidate for an awar Sample letter to endorse a proposal or report Sample letter to endorse a political candidate Sample letter to request or grant endorsement Sample letter to invite a celebrity for endorsement Sample letter to endorse a colleague or business.A formal invitation to a guest speaker should follow certain protocols.

Professional life dictates that you know how to properly format a request appropriate to your target and to do so within accepted guidelines. Formal correspondence is an integral part of business, personal or social functions such as a college graduation address, business conference or charity function.

Format the invitation as you would a formal business letter. If your organization is offering a stipend in the form of an honorarium or funds to cover travel and other expenses, mention that also. While events vary, generally format the letter as follows:. Start with the salutation, such as "Dear Speaker:" -- or Mr. Include your company, institution or organization information, name of the event, date, location, purpose of the event, reasons why you are making the request, stipend or honorarium if applicable and closing, including contact information.

Insert information regarding a question-and-answer period, if any, before the closing. Explain why you are hosting the event and why you wish the invitee to participate. Depending on the type of event, examples might include:. Business - "Your vast experience in widget sales would be an inspiration to the employees in our marketing department. Charity - "Rainforest preservation is at the heart of our cause. Your recent expedition to the Amazon could provide important insight for our volunteers.

College - "As a speaker at the graduating class of our university, your expertise in heart transplants would surely benefit our graduates, particularly those who are in the process of selecting a medical specialty. Traditional mail is still the most appropriate way to contact your speaker.

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Email, while acceptable for many purposes, is too informal for a proper business letter. It is acceptable to send a follow up via email. If there is no physical address, you may be forced to send the invitation via email. If so, maintain the same business format as described previously.

For emails or traditional letters, create the format yourself, or use free online templates, such as one from JustLetterTemplates. Regardless of whether the person accepts or declines the invitation, follow up the invitation with a brief letter or email. Acknowledge the invitee's response and thank her for her time.

For example, for a positive responseyou might state: "Company XYZ is pleased that you have chosen to accept the invitation to be the guest speaker at our event. Our company is looking forward to your presentation on May 23, Please find attached information on travel and accommodations.

We understand that scheduling conflicts cannot always be avoided. Please keep us in mind for future opportunities. Pamela Mortimer has been a professional writer for more than 20 years with expertise in many areas including arts, culture, business and the printing trade. She is also a novelist, seasoned editor and graphic designer. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

See disclaimer. Crafting a properly written request may help you secure a guest speaker. About the Author.Organizations are always a great trend in any business or any field. And the main attention gathers in the organizations is a guest speaker, especially the speaker who speaks for free. The process for funding a non-profit speaker can be sponsorship. This will make a person attend your organization as a speaker.

There are a variety of free speakers sources to get approach. To find the right person for the job, event or any organizer you have to look for the criteria and proceed. When inviting a speaker it is also important to give significance to them and express how their presence will affect the event. It should be clear, respectful, brief and informative invitation letter for a guest speaker in school. You can write your email or letter starting by considering that person with their name and address, like Dear Mr.

Start writing the main body of your letter in which you can directly send the invitation and below you can mention the name and signature of yours. These letters form a very basic and important invitation. This will professionally invite the person as a guest speaker to your event or organization and will make them feel honored.

You can directly download the samples and get the format and complete formation of the letter and can create it by yourself making it impressive invitation. Your email address will not be published.

invitation letter for celebrity guest

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